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Lease Assessment

Pre-Lease Assessments are imperative for both building owners and prospective tenants. For building owners, Pre-Lease Assessments are vital for understanding the condition in which their space was in prior to leasing out to a tenant. For prospective tenants, the space you are renting will be the home of your business, therefore it is beneficial to understand all the deficiencies with your space.

The scope of work for a Post-Lease Assessment is similar to a Pre-Lease Assessment. Although these assessments can be ordered by the exiting tenant, they are most often requested by building and property owners when a tenant’s lease has expired. Whether the tenant decides to renew their lease or not, Post-Lease Assessments provide a benchmark for the condition of the building systems as the tenant has used the space over the life of the lease agreement. A Post-Lease Assessment is most effective when performed with a previous Pre-Lease Assessment, allowing for comparison between the state of the facility prior to the lease and the conditions after its expiration. Both Pre- and Post-Lease Assessments are performed for single, double, and triple net lease clients.

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